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2024 North Country Renewable Energy Summit by The Dupont Group

BCM Environmental and Land Law March 8, 2024

BCM Is Happy to Announce We Are a Sponsor for This Event!

The North Country Renewable Energy Summit will be held at The Rocks in Bethlehem, NH on Friday, May 24th, 2024 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Registration will open at 9:30 AM. We anticipate 120 attendees including industry professionals, trade associations and other end-users, as well as public officials from the legislature and regulatory agencies.

The North County Renewable Energy Summit will examine the role renewable energy plays in the region today, how it might expand and how to overcome obstacles. The overall goal is to call out the current role this part of NH plays in the energy arena, focus support for energy development opportunities, identify obstacles and craft a plan.

Summit Topics will include the following:

  • An inventory of Northern NH’s Energy Opportunities

  • The potential creation of a Northern NH Energy Economic Opportunity Zone

  • A NH Green Bank: Investing in New England’s Renewable Energy Capital

  • Transmission needs and planning

  • Community Power Development

We are a Supporter for this event.

Learn more here : 2024 North Country Renewable Energy Summit