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Environmental Attorneys in Northern New England

If you're a New Hampshire resident, then you're no stranger to the incredible scenery the state has to offer. With diverse natural surroundings like wilderness, beaches, lakes, and basins, it’s easy to imagine why the attorneys at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC are committed to preserving the future of New England and the planet through effective environmental law services.  

But beyond the beauty of it all, the why behind BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC is simple: if the environment suffers, everyone suffers. Climate change affects everyone, but some definitely more than others. The only way to combat this marginalized suffering is to take action. Decisions being made by businesses and developers today will have impacts on the world for years to come. That is why the dedicated attorneys at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC are essential partners to have on any development project. They will do everything they can to secure a favorable path forward for you while keeping conservation efforts in mind.  

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BCM’s Environmental Law Services  

The attorneys at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC offer a myriad of legal services to businesses, government agencies, and residents throughout Concord and Keene, New Hampshire, Maine, and Northern New England.  

  • Energy Law Representation: For those in the New England area looking to establish an energy company or navigating an energy-related issue of any kind, the experienced attorneys at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC can guide you forward. They represent commercial, industrial, and everyday consumers in a variety of energy matters.  

  • Water Law Representation: Accessible, clean water is paramount to BCM’s initiative of protecting New England people and their surroundings. From dam safety and lake preservation to groundwater pollution, discuss any water-centric issues with the attorneys at BCM. 

  • Document Preparation: Clients come to the environmental attorneys at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC to prepare the documents they need for their nonprofits, farms, businesses, homes, and more. BCM’s lawyers write, review, and revise documents involving federal funding, hazardous contamination, ground leases, and much more.  

  • Environmental Litigation & Appeals: BCM attorneys litigate before all New Hampshire courts and numerous administrative bodies including the Board of Tax and Land Appeals, Zoning Boards of Adjustment, and The Environmental Councils. Some common claims they litigate or appeal involve zoning issues, timber trespass, agriculture, pollution, and more.  

  • Construction & Development Permits: The lawyers at BCM have the experience and resources to guide successful, environment-focused development projects and help you obtain the permits needed to operate your establishment. 

Prioritizing Clients & the Planet

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BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC is a New England-serving law firm solely dedicated to environmental and land use law. This focal point allows the practice to provide in-depth service to a wide range of clients: 

  • Citizen groups 

  • Energy companies 

  • Water companies 

  • Businesses and nonprofits 

  • Landowners and farmers 

  • Governmental entities 

  • And more 

Each attorney at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC is committed to protecting the planet and its people for generations to come. They seek to channel their passion and knowledge of environmental law to cultivate lasting solutions for anyone seeking help with organizational development. From historic preservation to water safety litigation and more, the lawyers at BCM are ready to serve you. No matter how straightforward or complex your legal matter may be, collaborate with an environmental law attorney who cares about finding a fair result that benefits both your organization and the environment. For the dedicated and reliable representation you deserve, team up with BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC. 

From their law offices in Concord and Keene, New Hampshire, they represent clients throughout Northern New England, including Maine. Their attorneys are licensed to litigate before the New Hampshire Supreme Court, New Hampshire Superior Court, Federal Court, the Environmental Councils made by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, and many more courts and agencies. 

To discuss your case or concern, reach out to BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.