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Energy Law Attorneys In Northern New England

Households and businesses require a significant amount of energy to meet their daily needs. While essential, energy usage has a considerable, and, often negative impact on the environment and economy. BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC has a distinguished team of energy law attorneys and impressive history of supporting environmental interests for New England communities.

Environmental and energy law attorneys Amy Manzelli, Jason Reimers, and Thomas R. Hanna are all dedicated to advocating for the future of the planet and its inhabitants. That’s why they commit a large part of their practice to providing essential energy law services for communities and organizations throughout New England.

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Why Energy Law Is Important 

According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, energy consumption for power generation, direct use, and transportation persist as the largest source of air pollution emissions in the state. 

Throughout Northern New England, ethically and reliably meeting energy demands with affordable power — while minimizing the negative effects on public and environmental health — is an ongoing challenge.  

But the energy attorneys at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC thrive in the face of this challenge. They have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through energy-related issues. From energy companies to real estate developers and everyday consumers, the team at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC has represented countless clients in a diverse array of energy law disputes. Contact their office in Concord, New Hampshire, or Keene, New Hampshire to schedule an initial consultation. 

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How BCM Environmental &
Land Law, PLLC Can Help 

While a daily necessity, the laws and disputes surrounding energy usage can become complex very quickly. That’s why you need an experienced environmental attorney as your aid when you’re navigating any energy-focused issue. The lawyers at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC are ready to take your call. Here are some examples of the energy-related legal services they provide:  

  • Representing energy companies and other parties in regulatory proceedings  

  • Comprehensive legal support for acquiring, financing, planning, permitting, and constructing new energy facilities 

  • Offering strategic guidance for real estate developers and other commercial and industrial energy consumers who are dealing with energy-centric issues 

  • Providing personalized counsel for owners and developers of energy products, including wind energy farms, solar facilities, and interstate natural gas pipelines 

Focused & Committed Legal Representation 

BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC was founded with a dedicated focus on environmental and land use law. This focal point allows the practice to provide in-depth service to a wide range of clients: 

  • Citizen groups 

  • Businesses 

  • Nonprofits 

  • Landowners 

  • Farmers 

  • Governmental entities 

  • And more 

Each attorney at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC possesses an undying passion for the world around them. They’re committed to sustaining the future of the planet and the people of New England through their extensive knowledge of environmental law. When you or your organization has an energy-related concern or issue, collaborate with a lawyer who cares about finding a fair result that benefits both you and the environment. For skilled and devoted advocates, team up with the energy law attorneys at BCM Environmental & Land Law, PLLC. 

They have law office locations in both Concord and Keene, New Hampshire, and they assist clients throughout Northern New England, including Maine. Their attorneys are licensed to litigate before the New Hampshire Supreme Court, New Hampshire Superior Court, Federal Court, the Environmental Councils made by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, and many more courts and agencies. 

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