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Amy Manzelli Learns About Racial Equity in NH’s Food System

Nicole Manteau Nov. 11, 2022

This summer, Amy Manzelli joined other practitioners to learn about a new resource from the University of New Hampshire. The toolkit, Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System: Established and Suggested Metrics, was presented and then the report was published later this year. It breaks down data from the nationally reported Agriculture Statistics to encourage further investigation and spark conversations that result in successfully supporting New Hampshire farmers. Assessing ownership by race, and number of acres worked by race, it provides a snapshot of information about who has access to and control of resources for food production. Both the toolkit, and the video presentation that walks through it, are available here. At BCM, we value racial equity and are proud to use our legal work towards racial equity in the agricultural landscape through the wonderful work of several of our clients.