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Amy Manzelli Works with The Nh Coalition for Sustaining Agriculture to Create the Local Regulation of Agriculture Toolkit

Nicole Manteau June 4, 2018

The New Hampshire Coalition for Sustaining Agriculture, in partnership with Amy Manzelli, has created the Local Regulation of Agriculture Toolkit. The Toolkit is destined to become a must-have resource for farmers and municipal decision-makers to guide the development of local farm-friendly regulatory environments in which agricultural enterprises can operate successfully.

The Toolkit: (1) identifies and provides a flow chart of state laws governing farming and agricultural activities; (2) provides recommendations for best practices for agriculture for local planning regulations and code enforcement processes; (3) discusses the relationship between state laws and town laws; and (4) contains resources for assistance for farmers and municipalities to address conflicts and pro-actively develop farm-friendly regulatory environments.

Amy has been on-the-road with the Coalition to promote the Toolkit at various professional events, including the NH Municipal Association Annual Conference, the NH Farm & Forest Exposition, and the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives Annual Spring Planning and Zoning Conference.  If you’ve been lucky enough to attend one of these presentations, you know that Amy’s presentation was very informative; in fact, one attendee went as far as to describe Amy from Agriculture as “awesome!!!”