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CMP Project Faces Delays and Hurdles

Jessica Wilson Feb. 11, 2021

After the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals halted CMP’s Construction in segment 1 of the environmentally destructive 154 mile transmission corridor known as NECEC, CMP shifted work to a portion of the corridor route previously disturbed by transmission lines and clearing. CMP’s strategy appears to be to get as much work done as possible while their permits are in effect to gain “vested rights” all while Environmental groups and our clients represented by Beth Boepple, continue fighting to over-turn the permits on appeal. If successful, CMP could be ordered to remove what they’ve built and restore the clear cut areas. Another hurdle CMP faces is a voter referendum, which, if passed by the voters, will require legislative approval for any power line longer than 50 miles, including the NECEC. 

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