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Outdated Solid Waste Management Plan Brings Controversy to Dalton

Jessica Wilson March 5, 2021

Attention, and a lawsuit, has been brought to an application for a new landfill in Dalton, NH. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) argues that the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) has not updated their solid waste management plan since 2003 although laws require updates every six years to keep up with the evolution of practices, technology, and alternatives to land-filling. North Country Alliance for Balanced Change (NCABC), represented by BCM’s Attorney Amy Manzelli, supports CLF in their position that NHDES cannot determine the accuracy of new permits when plans have not been updated since 2003. Amy states; “the  solid waste management plan, being 18 years old, cannot contain any up-to-date information about the preferences for source reduction, recycling, etc.” and that outdated plans “would have a dramatic and irrevocable impact on NCABC and other residents in the North Country for decades to come.”

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