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Postponement for Casella’s Dalton Landfill

Nicole Manteau July 9, 2021

North Country Alliance for Balanced Change (NCABC), represented by BCM’s Amy Manzelli, and the Dalton Conservation Commission (DCC) have both requested a postponement of the permitting process for Casella Waste Systems’ proposed landfill in Dalton, New Hampshire. The landfill would impact 17 acres of wetlands, and Casella has been denied access to the site to conduct site visits during this crucial time. Vernal pools and rare, threatened, and endangered species cannot be verified if a site visit isn’t conducted during the “growing seasons”. Amy states, “If the Dalton Conservation Commission is deprived of its legal rights to investigate to obtain such information, not only could the application process suffer from poor design and poor environmental stewardship, but also, legally, the process would be subject to invalidation upon appeal.”

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